Handwoven Oaxacan Shoulder Tote Bag

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Nichuica Acolli - Colorful Handwoven Brilliant Oaxacan Tote Bag 

Beautiful, practical and fun handwoven synthetic palm fabric market tote. This water resistant, comfortable and long-lasting weekender style bag ,top open compartment synthetic palma bag with over the shoulder straps typical of the Sierra people of the beautiful southern Mexican state of Oaxaca.

This bag is flexible and incredibly sturdy for variety of uses from beach, to farmer's market, baby bag to gym bag. Each basket is individual handmade by real  artisans, so each bag may vary ever so slightly making them unique and one of a kind.

Bag Features & Dimensions:

- Handmade with beautiful and durable synthetic palm.
- Height: (handle to bottom) 21 inches; Width 14 inches; Opening: 6 inches

This beautiful tote is made of very resistant material, can hold over 10 lbs (5 kg) comfortably and surely. Have a fashionable, unique bag to call your own. Handmade by artisans from the sierra de Oaxaca, Mexico. 

Available in 5 designs.

Because it is a handmade product, the available pieces are limited Get, Yours NOW! 

UV-resistant, color-fast, waterproof, anti-mildew,
comfortable, long-lasting, durable, environment-friendly,