Who Are We?

Jimmie Muñoz - Founder and Chief Executive

Jimmie Muñoz is a Masters student at Arizona State University’s School of Sustainability studying Sustainability Leadership and applying his passion for social and environmental responsibility to the field of Travel and Tourism in Mexico. He enjoys traveling throughout Mexico and Latin America learning and writing about history and culture, and learning from practical applications of sustainable principles to develop strong and vibrant local communities.

Micheal Weakley - Founder and Chief of Operations

Micheal Weakley has a Master’s Degree in ESL from Arizona State University and is currently studying his second Masters in Sustainable Tourism. Micheal has traveled to many different parts of the world and wants to share his love of Mexico and Mexican culture in hopes of helping to shape a fair and more balanced attitude toward Mexico - especially in the U.S. He enjoys traveling to cultural hotspots in Mexico, and sharing this love of art and language with the world.