Miniature Handcrafted Wooden Pegasus Alebrije Figurine

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Intricately detailed miniature pegasus "alebrije" figurine made of handcrafted Copal wood and painted in the traditional folk art fashion of Oaxaca, Mexico. This alebrije symbolizes the friendly creatures that escort human souls to the afterlife. Its wings and tail detach for shipping so that it arrives in pristine condition. This one of a kind figurine makes for a great collectors item, and a great way to start your collection and celebrate "Dia de los Muertos." 

Note: This is a unique handmade one of a kind product if it is sold out, you can pre-order! The production time and shipping is between 14 and 27 days.

Height: 1.5 inch
Width: 1.5 inches
Depth: 1.5 inch