8-piece Animal Lovers Tin Holiday Ornament Set

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Only 1 set left!  

8-piece handcrafted holiday ornament set includes one of each: giraffe, blue kitty, tangerine kitty, colorful rooster, toucan, silver dove, purple dove, and fish. 

Made of shaped and colored tin, the traditional material used by the artisans of Oaxaca, Mexico for hundreds of years. These lightweight ornaments shimmer in the light, that's why they so frequently used in Mexican traditional art. They will look great on your tree, on your wreath, or hanging around the home. 

Very Limited Number Available
Note: These are unique handmade one of a kind products, once is sold out you will have to wait 27 days until we have new pieces. Buy NOW!!

Product Details

  • Width: 3 inches
  • Length: 4 inches